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    Oyédo by Diptyque

    I really enjoy Diptyque for it's usually unpredictable and unique compositions. But there is one other main reason why I find myself particularly enchanted and impressed with Diptyque. I've found that they have a remarkable knack for taking notes I'm usually not that fond of and somehow manage to present them in such a way that I surprisingly find enjoyable. ... They've managed this now a number of times. At first, with cloves, with their "L'Eau Diptyque". And most recently, with hesperidic notes, right here with Oyédo.
    Actually, here, it's not that I particularly dislike citric notes. But more that I had become somewhat bored with the same old citric top notes, always seemingly presented in too similar a manner.
    Well, with Oyédo, they present the Lemon, Green Mandarin, and Orange with an unusually different feel and quality. Not the "light", "transparent" and "astringent", as one might expect from citric notes. But instead much sweeter and almost "chewy" or "creamy". (Kinda like ice cream flavours). Being rather much more substantial, and oddly more "opaque". Rendering them unusually smooth and velvety in quality. Rather than the usual "lighter", almost "gauzy", fresh and unsubstantial.

    At first the scent does start off quite effervescent with sparkling Lemon and Green Mandarin. It then soon becomes much richer with the introduction of a sugared, candied like Orange. With it's said "creaminess" so unusual for a citric centred scent. It also has a somewhat "Gummy Bears" artificial quality. Though oddly, and unusually, this distinct artifice actually works well in it's favour. Lending the scent much of it's charm and addictive quality. (Urging continuous sniffing !)
    Later, as the scent progresses it picks up a slightly more herbal facet (mostly from Thyme), with some sour/fruity notes (Tamarind). Which finally curbs the sweetness and citric notes. Some woodiness from the Cedar base also finally becomes a little more apparent. ...

    This has become one of my favourite hesperidic fragrances ! Due mostly to the uniqueness of the composition, and the unusualness of the mouthwatering candied citric notes. Which have surprisingly excellent longevity especially for a citric fragrance. Lasting well over six hours. (And that's just for the citric notes !). It still continues on to the drydown from there.

    11th November, 2009

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