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    Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

    I'm seriously confused by all the above reviews here for Ormonde Man !? And completely disagree with most, except a very few ! ... Far too many contradictions. I mean, half mention the scent being "light, with no longevity", whereas the other half profess "intense, with "excellent longevity" ??? ... This therefore leads me to believe that the fault lies not with the scent itself, but rather more so with some noses, I suspect !?
    Then a load of bizarre comparisons with a host of diverse scents, all of which smell nothing like it. (Tam Dao ??, CdG II Man ??, Nemo ?? etc. etc.? ~This really couldn't be further from the truth ! Sorry, no similarities whatsoever !)

    The scent "opens" with a blend of Juniper and spicy notes. Of which most apparent are Cardamom and Pink Pepper, and to a lessor degree Coriander. All enveloped in Bergamot, which very soon lifts. The spices soon after recede too, to give way to the most prolonged stage of the scent, it's heart accord of Black Hemlock and Oud. ...
    Now the Hemlock and Oud here are actually (supposed to be !) real/natural and not just some or other synthetic "note". ... (Ms. Pilkington (the perfumer) states that she uses up to between 2 to 3kg of "Hemlock compound" for every 150 bottles of scent). ... Which is actually pretty impressive, I thought !
    And the Hemlock I can certainly smell abundantly, sitting "centre stage", and it does smell natural to me. ... However, the Oud's presence completely escaped me unfortunately ! I'm afraid, I could not smell it at all ??? Or else, it's not an oud I could recognise (or am more used to). ... Unless, it's the Oud which is lending the scent it's woody aura perhaps ??? Which, of course, is quite possible. ... Though I suspected that was just the Cedar and Sandalwood shining thru from the base ???

    Now, on the Ormonde Jayne website, it mentions Hemlock being "Socrates chosen poison". However there is some "artistic license" going on here. For whilst this is correct, the hemlock that poisoned Socrates was actually entirely different to the Black Hemlock that's used here. "Poison Hemlock", the actual culprit, is actually a herb (with toxic root) belonging to the parsley family. Whereas the Black Hemlock used here is actually from an evergreen spruce tree from Canada ("Tsuga Canadensis"). And so therefore having a coniferous like odour. ...
    The essential oil derived from Black Hemlock is apparently very similar to "Black Spruce". (So much so, that apparently their oils are sometimes blended together). It smells sweeter and softer than most evergreen oils, with a balsamic resinous odour, with green woody notes. ... And that is pretty much what Ormonde Man smells like ! (with some added subtle spices).

    It's obviously a very well blended and accomplished fragrance. And even totally original, with it's unique first-time use of Black Hemlock in perfumery. However, I find I'm just not particularly attracted by it's scent, unfortunately. (Though I'm sure you "cone-head types" should really enjoy it ! Or, at very least, find it interesting).
    I'm afraid, it's just a little too "safe" for me personally. But I can also still see it's attraction, and think it would make a perfect "office type scent". Or perfect for you less adventurous types ! ... I'm sure many will luv it !

    01st December, 2009

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