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    Muschio di Quercia / Oak Moss by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    Muschio di Quercia is "Profumo's" ode to oakmoss. And oh how utterly marvelous to have a fragrance with an abundance of genuine natural Oakmoss and actual true Mysore Sandalwood !
    It's a perfect blend of these two notes, but with also a pretty large dose of vetiver. These three notes being the most apparent throughout. At first mostly the oakmoss and vetiver in almost equal measure. Followed by a "dry-down" of delicious, somewhat "nutty" sandalwood.
    The main reason why I enjoy "Profumo's" fragrances is because they are an excellent example of all-natural botanical perfumery. The excellence of his natural ingredients are immediately apparent. So I really relish the idea of fragrances made with no synthetic substitutes, for a change. And this one is without a doubt my favourite from this line (so far !).
    However, with this one being my favourite, I am just the tiniest bit disappointed to discover that it actually happens to be the only one of Abdes Salaam's fragrances to contain a non all-natural ingredient. (The only one !)
    For the vetiver note used here is actually a Vetiveryl Acetate. Vetyver acetate is obtained from the manipulation and chemical transformation of the natural vetiver. (So it's still derived from vetiver oil, and therefore not exactly completely synthetic as such. Though, of course, "man-made" in a lab !)
    But not that this actually makes any difference to the blend, for this fragrance still smells just as perfectly natural as all his others.
    It's quite a simple and "straightforward" scent, yet I think that's part of it's charm! And one which I think should not disappoint anyone who enjoys these three notes specifically. I got exactly what I expected from it, and more !

    04th October, 2009

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