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    Alliage by Estée Lauder

    Sourcing a top-quality perfume classic doesn't always require tons of dough or spending weeks hunting down a rare vintage - sometimes it just means a trip over to the mall and a $30 outlay. Alliage is a simple but remarkably solidly constructed green/floral chypre. The green notes are photorealistic, the jasmine/galbanum provide a bitter counterpoint to the sweet peachy topnote, and the whole shebang is wrapped up by a wonderfully rich oakmoss that presents itself upon application and gives this perfume a fuzzy olfactory texture.

    Alliage is still easy to find at most Lauder counters at most malls. Today's formula is a bit toned down, with a brighter peach note and a less encompassing oakmoss note (presumably they are using low-atranol oakmoss or a substitute). Also, the vintage formula has a 'true' middle stage of development featuring a sweet rose note that fades into the oakmoss base that the modern version seems to lack. Still, even with the superiority of the vintage Alliage the currently available formula is far superior to 98% of what's available at your typical Macy's.

    Collectors should absolutely keep a bottle of Alliage around as the standard green chypre against which all others are compared. Thumbs way up.

    09th May, 2010

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