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    Orchidée Blanc by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    The name Orchidee Blanc is slightly deceptive in that you'd think it's another white floral. Personally I was expecting it to be something like a precursor to La Chase Aux Papillions. Totally, utterly incorrect. In a marketplace crowded with florals and florientals, OB is a distinguished and unique fragrance. OB is an explosion of different floral notes, all held together with a very lactnoic, creamy background. I'm not particularly adept at identifying specific florals, but there's definitely quite a bit of iris, violet, jasmine, gardenia and lily. The blended florals themselves mix with creamy/honeyed vanilla and a touch of amber. I'm not sophisticated enough to accurately describe it's development, but I can report that the creaminess lasts throughout the composition and that it does become lightly woody as it progresses to its base. For being such a full floriental you'd think that OB would be heavy or cluttered, but the genius of the fragrance is that it's remarkably straightforward and totally easy to wear.

    Sadly Orchidee Blanc is both long discontinued and seemingly forgotten. I was lucky enough to have a friend who owned a bottle and introduced me to it. I was even luckier when my friend decided she no longer wanted her bottle. If you happen to be reading this review because you've seen a bottle for sale and you're reading up on it to see if it's worth buying, take my advice and just buy it.

    11th September, 2009

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