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    Louanges Profanes 19 by Parfumerie Generale

    Louanges was one of the last PGs I needed to sample to try the entire line, and in some ways I'm glad I saved it for last. Louanges is perhaps the most un-PG of the line. Fragrances in the line have a tendency towards the rich, with full compositions with loads of sillage that tend towards the gourmand. Conversely Louange typifies the line in the sense that Guillarme uses unusual combinations of notes for novel and successful effect. In this case we have a citrus/floral with a dash of incense. PGs line doesn't have a chypre, and in many ways Louanges approximates a chypre with it's combination of citrus, floral and woody notes.

    As vibert mentions, this fragrance moves quickly for the first 10 minutes. Starting off with a bright neroli/lily accord, Louanges quickly becomes powdery, lightly sweet, and a bit soapy. A mild incense note moves in to create a smoky and woody contrast to the citrus/floral accord. After moving so quickly at first this heart accord then persists for a long time. It's a very enjoyable accord - the balance of green, citrus, powder/soap, and woody incense sounds like it would be too much but in fact it is far more transparent then you'd think reading a description of it. What's really nice is that the notes are so well blended that the individual notes aren't distinct, and in this way Louanges resembles the 'chypre accord'. The sillage is less than that of most Parfumerie Generales, meaning it's typical of average niche fragrances and very good. This heart accord eventually fades to a mossy/woody base, also powdery. Overall I get about 6 hours of longevity.

    For people not fond of PG's gourmand style this may be a good fragrance to try. Of course the PG florals (i.e. Ether de Lilas, Ilang Ivohibe, etc.) aren't gourmand, but many are. Louanges is a unique position and occupies a unique position in the PG line.

    Highly recommended.

    17th August, 2009

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