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    Cuiron by Helmut Lang

    Cuiron is an absolutely horrid synthetic mess of a fragrance that was rightly discontinued before it could contaminate the noses of too many people. I've worn this several times now and my hatred of this fragrance grows with each wearing. There is something sharp and acrid about the top notes that doesn't subside as the fragrance "develops" (i.e. loses the "plum") but only becomes slightly less abrasive. There is something discordant about this fragrance that grates on the nose the way a really bad, out of tune, middle school marching band grates on the ears. What makes matters worse is that Cuiron lasts forever on the skin and projects off the skin well. This just prolongs the horror and makes Cuiron present to the nose at all times when one is wearing it.

    Cuiron sets the standard of how NOT to do leather, and this may just be its lasting legacy to the perfume world.

    28th February, 2009 (Last Edited: 19th April, 2009)

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