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    Serge Noire by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Serge Noire starts of with the spiciness of cinnamon bark, and the dryness of the dark rich woods combined with a large dose of camphor. These notes work together work to create an opening that is quite assertive. For the first hour or so I was thinking how linear this scent was; the opening notes seemed to linger on the skin getting rounder and less sharp as time went by. Before too long the wood and cinnamon were joined by incense and amber, with just a touch of smokiness in the mix; notes that last until the end.

    Serge Noire has great longevity; it is about 13 hours after I applied it conservatively and it is still going strong. It is not a sillage monster by any means, but it does make itself known to those in your immediate vicinity. Overall, this is a really well crafted and very likable fragrance, one that will most likely find a home in my wardrobe in the near future.

    21st September, 2008

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