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    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    Since knowing of Kouros' existence, I've owned several bottles, all of which came in the same dark shade blue box, until recently ( a different shade blue) and from my latest experience with the scent, I have come to love Kouros. Here's the theory:

    The first few bottles I bought were from an old outlet store, so the bottles probably were sitting there for a long time. The scent at first was nice, but as so many people point out, the civet is almost-most unbearable. You want to love it but that animal smell just ruins everything. I've been through the love-hate relationship, loving at first, then selling the bottle on ebay because I couldn't handle smelling like a racoon.

    Recently I was at Holt Renfrew and came across Kouros and the box which had a different bluish shade. I was curious. Sure enough, the civet is gone. According to the individual working the counter, that god-awful stink is no more; she has found the scent to be updated - probably to attract more people to it...after all the other versions have been taken off the market. So depending on when it was made, you'll be sure to know the difference and actually come to love and respect YSL for its creation of Kouros. This is the way Kouros should have been made from the start.

    If you come across even a gift set, it will be an updated scent. Since my newly found love for the updated scent, I bought one for my brother and sure enough - NO CIVET. Everything else about Kouros is the same - thank goodness!!! Kouros haters - give it a wont be dissapointed. No more smelling like a racoon.

    The lasting power is the same - I spray one shot on and its there for at least 12 hours. Go to the YSL website to get the details of the scent. Even by viewing the promotion for Kouros, YSL has made something with potential into something great....a powerhouse.

    By the way - thank you YSL for updating this great scent.

    15th July, 2008 (Last Edited: 05th August, 2008)

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