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    No. 5 by Chanel

    As this is such an iconic fragrance I tried it in my twenties, but it didn't appeal to me. Then in my mid-twenties, a friend gave me an EdT splash, a large bottle, and although I wore it and tried to like it, the fragrance and my olfactory senses were not compatible so I gave it to my mother.
    Before my husband and I were married, he came out to join me on holiday in Lindos, Rhodes and in the airport duty free shop debated which fragrance to buy me. He was advised to buy Chanel No. 5 as "it's a classic". He didn't think it was quite me and always felt that way until today. I was recently given a sample of No.5 eau Premiere and I liked it, but it made me want to try the original. So this afternoon I tried No.5 EdP on my left wrist and No.5 eau Premiere on my right then I did the Pepsi test on my husband. Initially he preferred the Eau Premiere, but as time wore on and we had walked outside of the mall I asked him to try them again and he & I both preferred the orginal Chanel No.5.
    There's nothing more I can add to what's already been written about Chanel No.5, it is indeed something I could wear continuously, it's a fragrance that can be worn whatever the weather / season / occasion. On my skin it eventually turns warm and spicy,but as I sniff closer to my wrist there's a hint of green that creeps to the front and grows stronger as I inhale - this is the same scent that is more prevalent in the Eau Premiere.

    Anyway, on my 36th birthday I finally fell in love with Chanel No.5, long may it last!

    17th December, 2008

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