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    Emporio Armani She by Giorgio Armani

    Back in spring 2000, my new boyfriend wore the men's version of this scent and I loved it, although I wasn't too keen on the women's fragrance at the time. Then in the summer I flew out to the Greek islands for a pre-arranged holiday with the girls and bought a bottle of She in-flight as I knew it would remind me of his fragrance. When boyfriend joined me the following week he'd also bought me a bottle, so for the rest of Y2K this was the only fragrance I wore. We were married the following year and when I wear this fragrance now it reminds me of hot, sunny days and the excitement and anticipation of a new relationship.
    I wear this summer evenings and I love the sharpness as it's sprayed, then the warm powdery notes it leaves behind in the dry-down. My husband enjoys this fragrance as he shares those special memories.

    A couple of years ago I discovered Creed fragrances and I find that Love in White is quite similar to Armani She, I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

    01st July, 2009

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