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    Mediterraneum by Versace

    Good thing I never saw any advertising for Mediterraneum to provide me an unfair bias. And even if some of the reviewers mentioned it can be bought cheaply online or everywhere else, it's certainly not a fixture here where I'm from, in fact I found this on the bottom shelf of an obscure frag shop. Cheap notions aside, this is a great fragrance from Versace, a great take on citrus. It's not a bright, sparkly concoction, as many citrus frags out there have been doing's a dark, heavy citrus that isn't cloying, like an orange that has been left out in the sun -- its opening hook is just right to bring you in, revealing a deep middle that continues to entice. On the description, it was made for / or modeled by Fabio, and interestingly enough, it might as well be. A big masculine citrus scent that doesn't take any prisoners, but isn't too brash to turn off people. I only have a 50ml bottle; it might as well be the only 50ml bottle I have that I want backup bottles of immediately.

    06th April, 2010

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