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    Bigarade Concentrée by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    My first impression after spraying is a vivid olfactory hallucination of fresh-peeled orange -- the oils in the air like a prism of citrus. It's amazingly uplifting: floral, fresh, green, bitter and sweet. This is a perfect winter scent, and in fact I don't enjoy it (being a northerner who associates oranges with ambient cold) in summer. The fleeting orange peel experience is followed by a beautiful drydown of woods, oriental spice and rose (I don't get the listed hay, but that's probably just my nose). It took me a few years of wearing it -- maybe until getting to the end of the bottle -- to pick up on the cumin but now I do really smell it and could perhaps do with a tiny bit less. Still, this is, to my nose, on the slightly femme side of unisex, though perfectly plausible for a man as well. It's transparent and delicately zingy until it suavely collapses into the pillowy drydown. My only complaint -- and it's major -- is poor lasting power. Very, very poor -- less than 2 hours on me. Still, not an absolute deal breaker, but only because I love orange scents madly and this one is unique.

    01st January, 2009

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