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    L'Homme Sage by Divine

    The first thought that came into my head was one of being surrounded by a moist, sweet, spicy and bright-white 'dry ice' smoke. The initially smokiness borders on cloying and overwhelming but never goes over the edge.

    The blending of the fragrance is very, very good, this makes separating out the individual elements throughout entire duration quite a strain. It's only present to my nose for a short time but I would swear that there's clove. Also there, though for longer, is sweet liquorice and a fruit I can't place for sure (maybe lychee). For the life of me I can't detect sage, yet the fragrance is definitely herbal. I have some fresh tarragon growing in my home and although not a dead ringer there's a definite similarity. If I'm correct about the tarragon it would explain the liquorice smell, as anise is present in both. The strangest smell of all that I believe to be there is that of turpentine.

    It's now eight hours after application and L'Homme Sage is still plainly present on the back of my hand. The strong smokiness, which really only lasted for the first hour is long gone. For the remaining time, although still smoky, the fragrance has been much more velvety, with the always present sweet herbal.

    I would suggest L’Homme Sage in flash over people’s romantic favourites like Envy or Ghost Man. All too often romantic scents are overly sweet, and although I can wear neither Envy nor Ghost due to an allergic reaction (that causes me to wheeze), it’s L’Homme Sage’s ability to be romantic without the over-sweetness that wins out.

    11th September, 2009 (Last Edited: 05th October, 2009)

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