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    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    this is understandable for me! After reading so many guys receiving compliments on this i had to try it! i already have body kouros which i quite like!
    i tried it immediately on my wrist and was prepared to smell something like body kouros just brighter maybe. LOOL u can imagine how i reacted. I almost fell backwards! So strong, cheap and ugly at the same time!! How can u possibly like this and girls even more!?!?! But i was in town so i gave it many minutes alwys sniffing on my wrist excepting t to change. But nothing happened. Even my girlfriend said it was totally nauseating! She was with me that day. on the other wrist i sprayed M7 which i also didnt like. after 30 minutes of shopping i thought: wow sth smells really nice! It wasn Kouros :/
    Then we both came to the conclusion it MUST be the after shave bottle of kouros.It smelled like the cheapest after shave i used from my dad in those days. I went back but was assured it really was the frag its not working for me!
    i dont get it how can someone

    26th August, 2008

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