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    Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

    What an incredible masterpiece! It took me two tries to appreciate it! The first time i sprayed it on a card and threw it away 30 secs later!
    WHAT A HUUUUUGE MISTAKE! I wanted to like it so much and excpected a total different opening. Then again in Town i gave it a full wearing 1 to the chest and 2 to my neck. I started to try different scents. And was twice amazed until i realized it wasnt the other frags! No it was Bleecker Street! What a slap in the face! Never excpected that. Was the best feeling i had in a long time because it was so unexpceted and i totally forgot about it :P It then dried down to a sweet smell with the green note after 5 hours! Because its an EDP it was still as strong as i just sprayed it 1 h ago.Thank god i gave it a full wearing. I also heard 2 girls stopped talking to ask each other:"Do you smell that?" I hoped they meant me! Because my gf was next to me with hyptnoic poison :/
    I immediately ordered 2 days later a 100 ml bottle! Great Stuff!! I will be selling all other useless Frags i own. They will never get empty now :P

    02nd September, 2008

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