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    Bellodgia by Caron

    This is for vintage Bellodgia parfum .
    Tenacity is typical of Caron - in particular ,vintage Caron - a couple of dabs here and there,blooms magnificently, literally lasts for hours and the extreme drydown , lasts overnight.** For me and my scent eating skin - this is quite amazing.

    Opens up slightly dark and musty , alittle off putting to be truthful but over about half an hour ,it blooms into a dignified ,deeply floral carnationy scent ,rounded warm ,evoking older times ,in the world. A little rose powdery, a little spicey , vanilla all play each other off gracefully for hours and hours. The vanilla is there too ,doing it's peek a boo thing on me. It's a delight. Bellodgia is never overpowering- it 's more of an aura of floral goodness- like you are just surrounded by waves of 'good taste' !

    Like true perfume ,this scent goes through so many stages before getting to the grande finale , I am quite amazed. The drydown is so different ! I get incense notes,muskiness, some wood going on ! Dark, mysterious , kind of femme fatale. So what began as a innocent girl turned dangerous femme fatale at the end.
    I have yet to try the new version of parfum but I am sure I will like it - it's Caron and I'm loyal !
    This little bottle of vintage is a treasure and I will probably end up keeping it for my son's wife when he grows up so the future generation will know what 'real' perfume should be like.
    It's sheer poetry.

    09th May, 2010

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