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    Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    I was taking a walk the other day and was hit by a brief wonderful waft of fresh tuberose blooms. I wish the scent had stayed. My instant thought was Carnal Flower.
    Being a Fracas gal, at first Carnal Flower seemed tame and well behaved to me but it's gorwn on me over the past year into love .

    Dominique Ropion is a genius.
    Crisply cool slightly mentholated ,wintergreen opening - described accurately by many - like the inside of a florist's fridge .Fresh green dewy stems and then the tuberose opens up , lush and realistic - just like the tuberose flowers I smelt on my walk .I read that Carnal Flower takes about two hours to fully develop though it seems to take a much shorter time to reach 'full bloom' on me.
    It becomes a huge fresh bunch of tuberose flowers and it's happy, sunny, joyful. Sexy too buttery warm slightly sweet/saltish skin.
    The coconut,melon and juicy fruit note are not too perceptible - they seem to be there to round out this perfume but never interfering .Once Carnal Flower blooms - it's almost linear which is fine by me. I just want the tubeorse to last and last with no interference!

    I find that lasting strength is average to good and sillage is moderate to good. This is not a monster tuberose to me and it turns subtly delicious- always there but quietly weaving its tuberose spell .
    There is no relation ,in smell or character, to Fracas which is so complex, sweet, slightly powdery and strong.

    Carnal Flower is a new classic. Thank goodness for Frederic Malle.

    26th April, 2010

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