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    Brasil Dream by Estée Lauder

    This is a limited edition issue along the same lines as Emerald Dream and Bali Dream .
    Brightly effusive, strong on initial spray - tropical fruitiness,gorgeous gardenia, neroli ,a touch of coconut milk ,followed by jasmine ....starting to sound like a non alcoholic cocktail served by a tanned, muscular man on a beach in Brazil ,yes ? Dream on ,Mystic Knot! I guess that's the idea.
    This perfume has some good points- the lovely jasmine and gardenia notes, the non invasive fruitiness and it's tenacity.
    The let down is the dry down which is SO generically Estee Lauder- I even smell some of this in Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. It screams 'department store' - meaning the actual smell of a cosmetics dept of a store to me.

    Still it's at first wildly gorgeous but it does end in abit of a pedestrian way . Like a very pretty and glamorous woman at the start of the evening who looks tired and old by 2 am . Worth a shot though ,great as a mood lift.
    To summarise- it's simple enough ,uncomplicated fun in a bottle. Everyone needs some of that, sometimes.

    21st March, 2010

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