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    Yatagan by Caron

    Having read Mr. Turin's review of this fragrance ("Perfumes, The Guide"), " of the most disturbing...masculine fragrances of all time. Pg 363", I was uncertain as to whether I had the courage to wear this work of art in public. Being of a somewhat retiring nature, the possibility of co-workers avoiding or reporting me to Human Resources gave me pause. For 4 minutes.

    Upon opening the package and sniffing Yatagan, the much anticipated urge to purge myself did not rear its anticipated hoary head. I was puzzled that it smelled of Pine Sol, with a hint of civet/musk in the background. After 20 minutes (give or take an hour), the Pine blast retreated gently and a musk like note took over (at least on my skin).

    The following day, I bravely strode forth either to meet my doom or glory. The first three (3) co-workers I met (all women) stopped and asked what I was wearing. I told them I was an old fashioned kind of guy and didn't feel comfortable revealing such information so early in our relationship (I don't want all the other guys to wear what I wear). I asked them if they liked it and to a woman, they all said yes; all of them said (outside of each others presence) that my fragrance smelled 'manly' or 'like a man' or 'rugged'. Interesting.

    In short, this has to be the single most unique fragrance I have tried yet. A manly pine forest, if you will.

    01st September, 2008

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