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    Le Vainqueur by Rancé

    I purchased Le Vainqueur based upon an article by Liz Upton (Body Odour - or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Musk; The topic regarding musks and animal scents in perfumes intrigued me.

    Let me add that one of my passions is bowhunting, and to be successful, a bowhunter must not only master the bow, but learn the ways of the prey and the woods. In particular, the importance of scents and smell (I hunt for the elusive and paranoid animal known as the whitetail deer) cannot be underestimated. If bodily scents from unspeakable glands in animals can turn wary bucks into impertinent, lust filled maggots, what effect would it have on urbane riff raff such as yours truly?

    Knowing as I do the nature and importance of scents with wild animals, and not having the opportunity to purchase Luten's MKK, (fly to Paris to buy a perfume? Ain't going to happen). I ordered the next best thing. Le Vainqueur.

    First time I smelled it, I was reminded of some obscure woman's perfume my aunt used back in the 60's. Not having a sophisticated nose, I was unable to discern all the notes that reminded me of that perfume (Guerlein, perhaps). I will take them (the creator of said product) at their word that the top notes contain the elements stated on their website.

    What I can say is that Le Vainqueur is a warm fragrance. There is something soothing, oily, and definitely dark about it. Dark, yet not without hope. The darkness I speak of is that we encounter while doing something unpleasant; it will hurt possibly and is distasteful, but it will soon come to an end. This is not a fragrance one wears in order to feel refreshed and willing to do something important like the week's laundry. In my humble opinion, this fragrance is what I would wear if I were ever to declare a state of war or amend my will.

    Being EDP strength, the longevity is simply ludicrous. A light spray on my chest and inner elbows last for more than 12 hours. And I have relatively dry skin. At work, all my female co-workers respond in a visceral and sensual manner towards me. I do not receive the typical "That smells so clean/nice/sweet" response. Rather, they stand closer and sniff discretely to discern what is it that puzzles them.

    I have worn it half a dozen times at work and at play, and the response from women is astounding. Perhaps its the mid notes. After the initial lavender/citrus notes end, the essence of musk/slightly sweaty genitalia takes over. I wish I could be less crude, but to my nose, the unmistakable essence of testosterone mixed with male lubrication is never far from the surface. It threatens to overwhelm the lavender based notes, but retreats at the last moment. But not before those nearby detect the unmistakable sex notes.

    In short, this is a complex and intriguing scent. It is not a citrus or earth based fragrance, yet, like the deer in heat lures I use during hunting season, this fragrance does have an unmistakable effect on females (at least those I come into contact with). A wonderful find.

    27th August, 2008

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