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    Aura for Women by Jacomo

    I haven't found many reviews for the older Jacomo women's scents, so I bought some samples and will share my thoughts.

    Aura opens with a sour, spoiled fruit opening on me. Grapefruit scents and I don't seem to get along well, and there is something else combined with it here (I'm guessing litchi) that smells unpleasant on me. However, the best thing about all the Jacomo scents I have tried is the dry-down, and Aura has a gorgeous heart and base if you can wait for it.

    Both Aura for Paradox (the blue one for women) have some notes in common with an earlier, discontinued Jacomo scent called Anthracite. it appears the perfumers took the best of Anthracite and built a couple different variations on its theme. The sour fruits burn off in 15 minutes, and Aura's spicy floral heart and warm base emerge. The scent stays close to the skin but lasts a good eight hours or so. Overall, a good scent and a possible replacement if you loved the discontinued Anthracite, which is costly and hard to find nowadays.

    13th September, 2010

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