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    Paradox Green by Jacomo

    I haven't found many reviews of the older Jacomo women's scents, so I bought some samples and will share my thoughts.

    Right out of the gate, Paradox Green reminded me of Roberto Cavalli's Serpentine. I think Paradox Green was actually in production first. Paradox Green is a little greener, and Serpentine a little sweeter, but there was a point about two hours in where they smelled almost identical. I tested them simultaneously on two different places on my arm and couldn't believe the similarity. Researching both scents online reveals they have a few notes in common.

    Paradox Green is not my favorite Jacomo scent by any means, but it's still pleasant and easy to wear. It is an EDT and thus has moderate sillage at best, and it lasts four to five hours on my skin.

    Given a choice, I would only need one of the two scents in my wardrobe and I would probably buy Serpentine instead of Paradox Green, but if affordability or availability makes Paradox Green a better choice for you, I think you'll still be pleased. Jacomo scents in general offer good quality for the money.

    14th September, 2010

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