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    El Paso by Lomani

    This is the kind of scent that makes you wonder what would happen if it would be decanted into a bottle of any of the EdCs sold by Hermes... would wearers be fooled? Or El Paso's humble origins would be clearly exposed to both the experienced and unexperienced nose?

    Anyway, I tried it with low expectations due to the reference made by Moonrat as it being an acquatic, its price and very tacky pakaging design. Well, it was a surpirse; it felt as a mild fougere (it has lavender and oakmoss) with a very enjoyable drydown. The notes that make of El Paso such a scent were clear to my olfactory perception - you can as well check this out in the pyramid. The surprise was vastly improved after realizing the drydown was superb, literally, albeit coherent with a limited longevity surpassing that of an EdC but not to the extent of a recently launched present-day fixative-galore global designer brandname scent.

    I would describe El Paso's composition as classical, so my comments on Network applies to this one: not contemporary, not rancid, classical, inexpensive, enjoyable, horrible packaging design and inexpensive rather than cheap. Don't be fooled, appareances can be tricky, so check this out, youmight be surprised.

    22nd September, 2010

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