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    Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris

    Notes: Red Thyme, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Rose, Narcissus, Iris, Ambrette, Vetiver, Moss, Woods.

    I haven't tried all the Miller Harris line, but this is my favorite so far. It is herbal, salty, twiggy, and grassy, while possessing enough well-integrated floral to recreate the sense of small wild flowers in a salt marsh.
    From red thyme and rosemary it gets the bracing freshness of ocean marsh. From clary sage, moss and vetiver, it gets both a moist earthiness and grassy dryness. From rose it gets a light lilting summer note - a rose not damascena, but rugosa. The narcissus is a bridge between the more floral rose and the earthier elements. Ambrette and iris soften and diffuse the medicinal herbs enough that they play nicely with the florals. I like that this fragrance didn't cop-out and throw in token citrus notes to 'freshen' it. It went for uncompromising blooming salt marsh, preventing the sameness that results when you let citrus predominate in the opening of a fresh scent. All in all, it has a fresh, salty bewitching air.
    I thought I would like this best in summer, but I like it better now in winter, perhaps because it recreates a fresh summer quality my nose craves in the dead of winter.

    26th December, 2007

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