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    Canali Men by Canali

    To me, Canali is a simple refined cologne. Compared to other fragrances, it is quite synthetic. This scent reminds me of Ferrari Black but a tad-bit smoother and refined. I get a somewhat spicy-geranium, which mimics a floral rose character but without the creamy, dewiness slant. The top note is were the geranium is most prominent, then segueing into the middle note, Canali starts turning ho-hum...a very powdery (a seemingly synthetic powder at that) accord. As the dry-down appears, the powdery aspect seems to intensify slightly with a tinge of mellow sweetness. It is this dry-down period that seems to ruin a higher rating.

    The sillage is moderate and the longevity is a little better than most. Canali wears close to the skin with a slightly bolder presence.

    This is a very wearable cologne, especially for work, under a nice sweater, or an evening out.

    Would I recommend this cologne, no more than any other out there, but this is a nice, simple, refined fragrance if you want something unobtrusive, inoffensive and classy.

    17th December, 2008

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