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    Hummer by Hummer

    Why on earth was this beauty named “Hummer”, after one of the ugliest and pointless automotive creations I can think of? For some, the name invites instant preconceptions, mostly negative and derisory. It appears that only the curious and the olfactorily adventurous will give this fragrance time of day. Naturally, not many would want to admit they were wrong. However, some will be haunted by the reality of what they smelled and would grudgingly admit they need to give Hummer another try. This, ladies and gentlemen, is myself. And I am glad and humbled that I did. If the creators of Hummer carry out a market survey, they may find out that the frag would have a very high ratio of Eyeballs-to-No Sniffs/No Buys. The name, the name….

    Hummer switches on the ignition and burns its highly aromatic wheels with one of the mintiest (almost eye-watering) top notes I have experienced. I am surprised that mint is not listed among the notes. I wonder if it is the listed thyme playing a part here, or misinterpreted. Strong lavender (as observed by Shamu1, another note not listed) kicks in and anchors Hummer as a predominant note. The amber in this frag is a dominant player in tandem with lavender, and it joins the chorus early. The spices, however, add an interesting dimension to the theme. At this stage, when I first smelt Hummer, I started having a nicely disturbing feeling of déjà vu. Where had I smelt this before? Francois Blais below alludes to its similarity with Sung Homme. Hmmm… yes, in the sense that they both have this high-treble metallic, obviously synthetic vibe. But no, that wasn’t it for me. Then it clicked: Jo Malone’s 1995 Amber and Lavender. Admittedly “lower quality”, but spicier and lower-priced. Therein is the value proposition of Hummer. We have very good niche scent now available for cheap.

    Hummer has significant sillage and would be the monster the actual vehicle is, if over applied, both to the wearer and those unfortunate to be around him/(her?). It is a long-lasting fragrance, especially in full wear. Hummer will enable me have the Jo Malone experience cheaply, stretching my 30ml bottle of Amber and Lavender longer.

    Ignore the silly name, overcome any bias against its cheap price and you could find Hummer to be a very nice aromatic scent. I do, and I love Hummer (the scent, not the box-on-wheels).

    29th August, 2010

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