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    Habit Rouge Sport by Guerlain

    Habit Rouge Sport is a beautiful floral oriental (i think: i am not to good at categorising scents). It starts off with a citrus burst, with spices joining the chorus quite soon after. The definite jasmine notes also arise in the first few minutes of application. I really don't know what bamboo would smell like in a frag and i am sure i am missing it here. HRS is mainly floral, IMO. And a beautiful floral it is. I tried to sniff out any indolic or animalic accents, even taking a walk in the heat. I did not get any (sadly). HRS settles into a base of subtle leather and light vanilla. It certainly is not a powdery dry-down. More like the dry-down of Coriolan, feel-wise. Why the "Sport" appellation? Goodness knows.

    I write this review exactly 12.5 hours after application and i still catch wafts of HRS rising from my chest, so HRS has no longevity issues on my skin. I applied HRS a tad liberally, but did not bathe in it. I know the sillage of HRS is good. Not a room-clearer though.

    My only complaint about Habit Rouge Sport is the name, and Guerlain's making it a flanker of the successful Habit Rouge, rather than a stand-alone release. This will naturally cause people seeking after HR references, finding little, feeling disappointed and thereby missing the bigger picture. I believe HRS should be judged on its own merits and not with reference to the other Habit Rouges.HRS is a new direction for Guerlain. A direction towards a new demographic of user, which i think one should welcome since one cannot avoid the constancy of change. There are Guelain frags for Guerlainistas. Then there are (mostly new) Guerlains for those who just like nice-smelling scents. HRS may not be to the satisfaction of the purists, but it is a very good scent which i intend to enjoy for a long time.

    I like! Thumbs up.

    12th July, 2010

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