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    Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

    The naming of perfumes (or anything else) is interesting but tricky when the passage of time is considered: I remember my twenty-year-old sister wearing Youth Dew in the early ‘50s. Then “Youth Dew” was an appropriate name for the fragrance worn by my beautiful sister. The name doesn’t fit now days because changing fashion is the one constant in fashion. I don’t want to call this “dated” although I don’t have a problem with that particular vocabulary word, but I do get ‘50s images in my mind in conjunction with the aroma of Youth Dew. It opens citrus and then very quickly moves to a spicy floral – cinnamon, clove, and ylang-ylang prominent with strong indolic colorings. But as soon as the heart notes show up, they are shadowed by the ‘50s vibrations from the base – the ‘50s version of patchouli and balsam, I believe. The heart and base fix the fragrance at a point in time, and I can do little more with this fragrance because it is has become more of a memory rather than a present reality. In trying to be objective, I would say that I like Youth Dew, but there are several others of its era and type that I prefer, because Youth Dew doesn’t seem to have very much uniqueness in its composition or delivery. Thumb’s up for the memory, but neutral for the actual fragrance.

    21st August, 2009

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