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    Enjoy by Jean Patou

    Another fruity - floral: not my favorite category so that should be taken into consideration. Enjoy opens more fruity than floral and there’s a somewhat synthetic feel to the pear and citrus that take prominence for a short time. But a few minutes into the opening, the accord becomes more true… more natural: The accord evens out with the florals establishing more of a presence than they had in the very beginning. The movement into the heart level is smooth and seamless. The middle is a beautifully mixed floral with rose and jasmine presented in a soft but solid accord: By now the fruity elements of the opening are gone and I can enjoy Enjoy. It takes a long time to get to the base – this is a substantial fragrance and it claims its own with no problem. The base is beautiful, too: patchouli for wood combined with musk, vanilla, and amber for sweet and breadth of olfactory emanation.

    I like the floral heart the best, but even that seems to be missing the special greatness of the usual run of Patou fragrances. Enjoy is a beautifully competent fragrance, but it doesn’t rise above competence. I expect more from Patou, but, compared to most fragrances of this sort, and considering my usual standards, I have to admit it probably deserves a thumbs up. Strong fragrance… strong sillage… lasts forever.

    21st October, 2009

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