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    Oud Wood by Tom Ford

    I'll take the oud exprts word for it that Oud Wood may not be the purest sxression of that material, and it's probably not a dumb guess that its relatve oudlessness is exactly why I find it orders of magnitude less obnoxious than Black Aoud, the least obnoxious oud frag I'd tried befor recieving my sample of Oud Wood. For those who know M7 was produced under Ford's direction, I guess Oud Wood can't help but conjure up a neural connection, but while M7 celebrates Oud at its most medicinal and rubbery, Oud Wood elevates its resinous and smokey aspects, acomplished perhaps by the addition of a healthy shot of rosewood. Sure, it's linear but that's the Private Blend Collection deal, isn't it? You read the label and figure that's literally what you're going to get. If less Oud winds up being more in this frag,so be it. It's a full bottle buy for me

    01st June, 2009

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