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    Oyédo by Diptyque

    This one's a very interesting citrus for me - the opening is zesty, sweet and fresh with a hint of detergent. There is also a very light muguet-fresh jasmine like floral wafting through, bringing a tender, elegant companion note. It sounds synthetic but it is a very light, happy and likeable accord. The herbs and woods emerge and lend it a slight bitter edge in the middle - this is not an ordinary herbal-wood accord, but one that reminds me of the smell of old paper that has turned dank in the humidity. It is a strangely compelling scent, alternatively "clean" like the smell of paper and wood shavings, but I can see how it can turn into a suggestion of "BO" on the wrong person. The two intertwine and play off each other throughout the drydown, with the herbal-wood dominating as the hours pass.

    It is odd and familiar, lovely, fresh and "wilted", young and "old", feminine and masculine - a juxtaposition of perceptions. I adore it, and it is a lot of fun to wear.

    06th May, 2009

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