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    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

    Drakkar Noir was to the 80s what Cool Water and Le Mâle were to the 90s (and what Le Mâle STILL is as I write): the sure-fire frag for high school kids hangin' out after school at the mall or downtown or wherever they'll see as many chicks as possible. DN was so ubiquitous in its day over in the US that it was like a uniform. I bypassed it and went straight for Antaeus at 16, but that's another story. Many years later, I can appreciate DN for its studly appeal; there's nothing dangerously musky about it, but it simply smells like a guy who wants to smell like a guy who's a man around town; very unpretentious, and that was its charm then and still is. Unbelievably, DN is almost a niche fragrance over here in Europe; very good specialty shops carry it, and it's got a kind of cult following for those in the know. Anyway, I would love to encounter a guy over here in Europe who wore it, but I only ever smell it in the US when I'm back visiting.

    25th July, 2010

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