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    Mariella Burani by Mariella Burani

    I started wearing MB many years ago when it first came out and when I was living in Portland OR. The fragrance always makes me think of beautiful sunny PAC NW summers... MB is supremely wearable, sunny, happy "classic" style aldehyde floral with a wonderfully warm base. I do smell the connection to No 5 which does indeed seem uptight in comparison. And I love No 5 in perfume form, and also No 5 eau Premier. MB is kissing cousins to the relatively sunny and more floral No 5 eau Premier. MB is like No 5 took a villa in Italy for the summer, broke out the sundress, forgot the sunscreen, and ran around barefoot in an ancient garden.

    The opening is a burst of sunny aldhydes, citrus, and bergamot. There is definitely a prominent herbal characteristic in the development which gives the fragrance an outdoorsy, natural feeling - probably the geranium, but I swear there is a dash of lavender in there too. The fragrance develops over many hours - it lasts forever - and the sillage is perfect. The dry down is a long slow descent into plush warm vanilla and woods and it really is great. The heart and base are so "dry" and well blended it is hard to pick apart - it just becomes radiant and warmer as time passes. MB is the perfect fragrance - it is wonderful and slightly different during each of its stages of development. It is definitely there and very cheery. It is a beautiful composition.

    I highly recommend it to aldehyde lovers and lovers of classic style fragrances. It would be a great gateway aldehyde for those who have troubles with aldehydes in general and think they are too cold. MB shows how aldehydes can certainly be warm and amp up a fragrance. I liked it many years before I got over my fear of aldehydes, not realizing how aldehydic it was, and well before I discovered my love for No 5 parfum which just happened relatively recently for me. And the wonderful floral-herbal composition reminds me of some restrained, natural Goutals. If someone poured this into a Goutal bottle, no one would be surprised how beautiful it smells.

    06th April, 2010

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