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    Magot by Etro

    Thought I would try a perfume favored for its floral notes because I tend to favor scents with musk, spice, wood, cedar...a bit of amber...some tobacco, some smoke, some incense...maybe a wee bit of lavender-smile. I recently bought Etro Etra and loved it, so I thought I would try Etro Magot.

    Uhhhh...sadly, this one ended up on eBay. I guess it was worth a try. Bought a near full Tester for a fraction of the unopened bottle price. Unfortunately, this is simply not for me at way. I cannot say I find this fragrance pleasant or unpleasant. Perhaps I am just unfamiliar with floral fragrances. I just could not wrap myself around this potion.

    Rose, tuberose, lily, violet, flowery, messy, INTENSE. Intense!! Seemed to last forever! Started to hurt my nose! Asked a few people to take a whiff and those who didn't turn away choking said, "Oooooh...I don't think so!!"

    Not a mainstream fragrance by any means (which is a GOOD thing)...not for everyone...not for me :0(

    23rd April, 2010

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