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    Pink Sugar by Aquolina

    Well, it's a good hoot of a scent, like Quasar, Peau d'Espagne, Nostalgia and other quasi-comic sexy choices.

    I just found out this is unisex by clicking on this review section.

    You're putting me on, right? This is completely feminine. It is also, as over the top LOUD as Platinum Egoiste is for men.

    New category: Scents that Shout.

    So it's popular with the strong sillage/ hear me roar crowd. Not bad and--oddly enough--not cloying, but way to easy to over apply whereupon we're in Screaming Candyland.

    I complimented a female co- worker today on it, and she was enormously impressed that I knew what scent she was wearing. Good Lord! If I doused myself in Joop or A*Men wouldn't she know? I rejoice to say I own neither, but c'mon this one is instantly recognizable.

    Created for a young or brash crowd, but can an elegant woman over 30 pull this off?

    I guess so, if she simply walks through the mist. But then, how many men that wear Platinum Egoiste or A*Men just walk through the mist?

    Naw, this is best for gourmand candystripers, or would that be candy strippers?

    02nd November, 2006 (Last Edited: 19th June, 2009)

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