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    Nuits de NoHo by Bond No. 9

    It looks like most everyone else thinks this would make a good unisex scent. I don't. I smell feminine all the way.
    As a whole, NOHO does nothing for me. I don't care for paying any attention to notes listed on a scent pyramid, either.
    I wouldn't think "pineapple" if it weren't for the suggestion of it by other reviewers. What I DO get (and very exquisitely) is a dominant "grape" note. Not a corny synthetic (think bubble-gum) grape flavor; but real, fresh, Concorde Grapes growing on the vine. When I take a whiff, I can perfectly visualize looking up at gnarly shrubbery consisting of leafy, curly grapevines, choking the life out of old brick houses and the fences that surround them. When I take the next whiff, my mind's eye focuses, like a laser, on the young clusters of grapes, ranging in color from light green, to frosty black/purple (this is NOHO's saving grace).

    08th February, 2010

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