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    Royal Scottish Lavender by Creed

    This is one of my go to fragrances that I wear often, especially in the spring during the day. Like Scotttish cashmere, I find this fragrance comfortable in damp, chilly weather. As someone pointed out earlier, there is a stale tobacco scent here that shows up as the heart opens, and I think it's the bergamot fading as the clove and lavender appear. The citrus opening is so sharp, it almost makes me sneeze, and the heart is a bit soapy. I don't get too much vanilla in the dry down, and thank heavens, because it is my least favorite scent. RSL is like your Sunday best clothes packed for a weekend in the country. It is rugged, outdoorsy, prim and yet boisterous, like a good house party. When I want to make it a little more feminine, I add a little orange blossom like Ayala Moriel's Zohar, which is as short-lived and simple as this Creed scent.

    28th August, 2010

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