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    John Varvatos by John Varvatos

    Yeah, the names on the pyramid are as pretentious as they are silly. But really, aren't all the items listed on most of the pyramids. They generally help me anticipate a fragrance.....not one bit.

    This is not a masterpiece, but it is good enough to have inspired me to get back into fragrances after a long hiatus of more than 15 years. A while back I went to the counter at Nordstroms and tested a boat load of...ho hum to downright wretched things. I was looking for Egoiste, which I had liked in the early nineties, and nothing smelled remotely interesting to me (certainly not Platinum Egoiste --Yick!). Except this one.

    Some of the top notes remind me a bit of egoiste but deviates from then on. Has maybe some sweet pipe tobacco, and there is never anything unpleasant about this one. However, it does seems to have some pregnant pauses that occur throughout the day, as if some things that were supposed to meld and sauté together didn't. So it is a bit disjointed. It is not cloyingly sweet, yet still could benefit from something giving it a sharper of darker dimension.

    The perfumer was onto something here, but this remains an early draft.

    11th March, 2010

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