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    Aperçu by Houbigant

    In the Spanish language, the adjective salty (salado) is often used to describe an attractive woman who is self-possessed, inherently sexual, and amusing. It's a wonderful term, and I have always considered its contrast with the more common description of women as sweet ('Sweet' is nice and fine, but not half as great as 'salty'!), particularly as we lack this association in English. (I feel that we are really missing out on something profound.) I love the sensual range of flavors I associate with saltiness as opposed to sweetness and the idea that 'saltiness', in a woman, is considered a sensual quality. I'd like to be "salty"!

    Well, 'Apercu' is a *salty* chypre, if you can conjure what salt smells like, and it's absolutely for a 'salty' kind-of woman (though it's utterly unisex). It is truly a powerful, unapologetic, and sensual beast.

    This imposing, paradigmatic chypre is neither supplicating nor attentuated, nor degrading to its genre, like so many other newer chypres are, in their efforts to appeal the fickle, sweetness-loving modern perfume-consumer. 'Apercu' triumphantly declares chypres are the nes-plus-ultra *goddesses* of perfumes!

    It's both an homage to the greatest originary ladies of the genre, e.g.: 'Mitsuko', 'Coty Chypre', and a credible contender for the title of 'best chypre ever'.

    I my humble opinion, there is not one classic-style chypre out there, which is currently in production, that uses finer ingredients or adheres more honorifically to the chypric tradition.

    I absolutely think every classics- collector *needs* a bottle of this miraculous achievement from Houbigant. Because it is both a reference chypre and a symbol of great character and taste as a perfume. And because I cannot imagine it will be around for much longer, considering both the "new laws" and its totally unremorseful, old-style type-of pizzazz.

    Ladies and gentleman, if you love old perfumes, or gender-bending chypres like 'Mitsouko' or "Amazone', do NOT deprive yourself of this cost-effective, impeccable enchanter.

    23rd November, 2009 (Last Edited: 27th February, 2010)

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