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    Signoricci 2 by Nina Ricci

    My review is of the vintage version.

    At the moment I cannot think of a more appealing, more elegant, fresh-style, old-school gentleman's cologne!
    'Signoricci' is comparable in character to Dior's Eau Fraiche or Dior's Eau Sauvage, but it has an even more thoughtful, even more gentile air.
    It has a slightly buttery, spicy complexity in its opening that is very surprising in this genre. The effort to add "spice" or "creaminess" to fresher colognes all too often strikes me as forced, or antagonistic: think 'Eternity'. But in 'Signoricci', it is delicious, like a lemon tart would be with a big dollop of vanilla cream.

    I love its drydown-phase, too. It has the smell of fine soap and cream.
    And 'Signorrici' evokes the color silver for me, silver wristwatches and Silver cuff links, specifically.
    This is a true gentleman's fragrance, certainly, and wouldn't be appropriate for a showy man. And the gentleman who chooses it would seem especially understated and austere in his style ... yet totally at ease with his lack of show, as he has an undeniable, comforting sensuality.
    I have been wearing this one for myself, and it's really as accessible to women as Eau Savage or Diorella.
    I cannot recommend this highly enough to gentlemen and ladies alike. It's a classic and elegant landmark.

    27th February, 2010

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