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    Calèche by Hermès

    To me this represents the epitome of savoir faire.The balance of diverse components is masterfully restrained, allowing some nuanced accords to bask unfettered through the various phases of Caleche.It retains all the positive attributes of an old fashioned formulation,while still feeling fresh, youthful and vibrant.

    The opening is bold,with a host of acidic components vying for the last word in astringency. None are allowed to overwhelm, and it is within this fresh and confident beginning, that the fragrance gathers its momentum. The heart notes are a initially an engaging accompaniment to the opening, then creating potent accords of their own. This floral axis contains wonderfully aromatic notes, using particularly odoriferous elements such as iris, gardenia,lily of the valley and rose. There is plenty of time to enjoy the top and heart notes as these phases are especially long-lived. The base is smooth, slightly sweetened and effortlessly classy. Again the balance is superb, allowing a particularly organic and earthy phase to bring Caleche to its climax. A fragrant nexus of wood and vanilla notes counter the remaining floral notes efficiently, allowing this long-lived phase to be enjoyed for several hours. This fragrance was an absolute pleasure to review, and will remain in my memory for some time.

    11th September, 2009

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