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    Allure Homme by Chanel

    Well, after ten years of relative popularity, one can sense that the allure is receding with each passing year. On its release some ten years ago, I became an ardent fan, and indeed have owned half a dozen bottles during that time. I used to be beguiled by its bullying mid note pepper presence that led you to the woody delights of the Tonka bean soaked base notes. Perhaps I used to ignore the rather sour accord that the citric top notes provide, just focusing on the moment the Jamaican pepper would march in and drag me forward at gunpoint. Either way, I now see Allure for what it is - a half decent woody fragrance with an appealing dry down.

    It is the opening that pains me the most, as I have never delighted in the mandarin note, and its part in any accord is often the cause of a distinct synthetic vibe. It is only with the recession of the opening, that one can enjoy the mercurial presence of the pepper note. It is sufficiently reined in, preventing any form of dominance, but it acts as a very persuasive and intriguing episode before the base notes weave a little magic. Allure is an inoffensive, pleasant and contained fragrance, itís just that I expect a little more than this from Chanel.

    21st December, 2008 (Last Edited: 16th January, 2010)

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