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    Mackie (new) by Bob Mackie

    I am so picky about fragrance. I have lived in the same city for most of my life and know many people. I have been around the so called "in crowd" for years including top political people, some celebrities and the ones with money and power. I say this to let you know I have been around people who could afford the best of everything and although I am not wealthy, I have observed the habits, dress, beauty products used, etc by these women. Funny thing though, so many of them have copied my dress, jewelry, makeup and perfume preferences and come to me for advice on it, where I bought it what it is. Truth is I am more into inner beauty. I am certainly not the beauty of my younger years and no longer am obsessed with clothing (what a waste of money that was!) and perfectly applied make-up but I try to never leave the house without my favorite jewelry pieces, mascara (and I can do without that with sunglasses), long lasting lipstick, a smile and MACKIE! I can honestly say I have never in my life had as many comments on anything, even expensive, beautiful jewelry pieces I have worn than I have on my fragrance of choice. People, women and men, have literally followed me and come up and asked me what perfume I am wearing everywhere I go. When I dated, men went "nuts" over it. I have had two men who actually knew I was wearing MACKIE and came up to me and commented on it, which surprised me as men don't typically know these things and MACKIE still seems to be a well kept secret, which I still can't believe. I have worn it for over 13 years now. I buy other well reviewed fragrances now and then for a change and to see if there is anything I like as well or better than Mackie. The pretty bottles sit almost full on my perfume tray. When I wore the others I never received, and I am not lying, one comment from anyone during those 13 years. None of them have the " Mackie affect". I feel pretty when I wear it and so alive. It does not fade out three hours after I put it on and lasts all day. I would suggest if you want to try a new fragrance try this one. It has a stronger scent in the bottle and on a card but just give it a few minutes on your skin to settle down and you will love it. If anyone who has worn and loved Mackie out there and has found another fragrance they also love, I would like to know what it is, for a change - but for only for every now and then. Blessings!

    17th December, 2008

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