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    Brut by Fabergé

    Probably one of my favourite smells!
    I know I know its socially quite dubious and unacceptable to admit to wearing or even liking Brut but I have always liked this fragrance.
    It is clean, a mix of cleverly combined scents which is quite masculine and energising.
    It does not seem as strong as the Brut from the 70s and I must admit I rather miss the old shaped bottle in both glass with medallion or the plastic version, the design was iconic and I wish they had kept it rather than the current one.
    So few people wear Brut these days as other supposedly more chic smells are so affordable these days but I find many quite samey and uninspiring.
    The only complaint I have (other than the bottle) is that only the Aftershave or Splash On seem to be available in UK shops and these do not have much staying power on the skin (my skin) and I would much rather have an eau de toilette version.
    After years of trying to find a fragrance I like as much as Brut I have finally succumbed to adding it to my fragrance repertoire and its currently my favourite item in my bathroom cabinet

    25th December, 2008

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