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    Black Afgano by Nasomatto

    Putting all the press release silliness ("smuggled" ingredients, etc) of Black Afgano aside, this was a very highly anticipated release for me as I have been searching for a true cannabis/hashish note. Yes, I'm being serious, and yes, I love really bizarre/heavy/strange/smokey/weird fragrances. Black Afgano was highly anticipated in my world, but I must regretfully admit that Black Afgano smells pretty much nothing at all like cannabis, hash, resin, smoked cannabis, or anything even relating to that realm. It doesn't even smell like bong water, as some bloggers have written, although the juice is dyed a similar color in what I suppose is an effort to streamline the idea that B.A. is fragrant resin in a bottle.

    What I do get is oud and tobacco absolute, from start to finish, in the most linear form possible. The sillage is rather weak but the duration is a monster. Oud and tobacco absolute, however, are some of my favorite notes - and I love ashen/tobacco type scents so this one still should be a winner for me, but it's not. Why? Because, frankly, it's just not that interesting to smell. It doesn't whisk me away anywhere or paint my imagination with scenes - it simply smells like oud and tobacco, and that's how it smells from the moment it hits my skin to the moment it leaves. It smells like perfume notes in an unfinished work, an incomplete fragrance... the base upon which something great could be built - but instead it was left as is.

    Nothing about it really stands out for me, and that's the saddest part. The press releases, the juice color, the descriptions of "smuggled" ingredients, etc, etc all suggest one thing, but the actual odor of the juice itself is quite different. The concept was great, but it wasn't really fleshed out accurately.

    06th December, 2009

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