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    Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons

    After the initial mélange of various ozonic/electrical scents, all that I can smell is nail polish, and it lasts forever. Do you want to smell like a TV screen smeared with nail polish...for a looong time? I don't. Frankly, this seems like the fragrance equivalent of living near high-tension power lines. Does that mean that Odeur 53 is carcinogenic? Well, maybe...?

    Alright, I'm being facetious (I guess), but I really cannot fathom why anyone would want to subject themselves to this. Similarly, I cannot imagine that anyone would want to smell someone who emits this "odeur."

    Oh, but it's an "anti-perfume." It's "art." Sheesh. What's next? A frag that smells like a Ziploc bag filled with the world's tiniest sea shells (not real ones, but space-age synthetic ones!) placed on the surface of the Moon? Fragrance notes like "Exploding Star," "Spent Fuel Rod," or "Frozen Glue"?

    I am inclined to agree that this is avante garde, but that would be too complimentary. I would rather just say that it's pretentious and eerily misanthropic - and leave it at that.

    09th April, 2009

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