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    Fleur de Liane by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    This has completely inspired me to write a review and judging by my number of reviews, that's saying a lot. This has risen to the top of my list of favorites of L'artisan (which is probably my favorite house currently). The magic in FdL lies in its ethereal nature. It is very quite with minimal sillage but above average longevity. I also find that it blooms with sweat and causes a carnal aura that is both addictive and seductive. It starts out pale and watery with wonderfully ripe fruity notes of guava, melon and what smells like avocado. However at the same time, I find to be very floral with white floral notes of magnolia and tuberose. But don't tuberose fool you here; it is extremely subdued and only has a line in the entire play. As the topnotes burn off, the florals are intensified along with soft green notes of what I can only describe as, a humid forest that is both damp but cool with its later spring air. The drydown reveals a somewhat mineral facet to the scent, but also reveals the murky, mossy (somewhat) forest floor. During the entire duration of Fleur de Liane, there is a watery, dewy composition that connects the fruity, floral and mossy aspects together. FdL does not have a rough edge at all; it is extremely smooth and well blended. I find Ophelia by Heeley to be in the same vein, but with more indolic white floral notes. Judging by my wardrobe, you will see I am not a fan of aquatic florals. Well this one has stolen my heart...

    06th August, 2010

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