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    English Leather by Dana

    I bought a bottle of this recently not for nostalgic purposes but to find out why the reviews of it lacked the playful sarcasm that I thought English Leather deserved. What I discovered is that the English Leather being sold today is NOT the English Leather that I used for a while back in the sixties. This is softer, lighter, and more refined. It is not that in-your-face, leather accord that was so vibrantly 1960s: this one is has toned down that “leather” ambiance considerably. I had overdosed on the ‘60s version of English Leather and I still have a strong memory of how cloying it could be… But the cloying element seems to have been eliminated for the most part… Gone is the stupendous sillage that announced “English Leather” to the people three apartments down the hall (I remember this happening)… Gone is the epic longevity that made applying it more than once every three days totally redundant...

    The current English Leather is less potent. In the most recent version I can smell the citrus top that I never smelled in the ‘60s version. The leather? I get an echo of the leather accord only occasionally, mostly I get an undetermined wood dominance. I get an unidentifiable but amiable citrus in the opening, which gradually changes to a discreet and civilized mossy / wood / maybe leather accord for the rest of the fragrance. The citrus is non-spectacular, the moss is competent, the woods are somewhat generic / somewhat synthetic, and the leather only occasionally raises its head. The leather Superbomb of the ‘60s has become a mild mannered Clark Kent of a fragrance – competent, unassuming, a bit shy, and sometimes quirky. For the price, this one is a deal to be considered: sometimes those reformulations are for the better. (Edit of 01 December 2005 review. Changed from thumbs down.)

    01st December, 2005 (Last Edited: 24th July, 2009)

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