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    Black Orchid by Tom Ford

    This is what I imagine that a fairy would wear. Not a cartoon, Disney-Princess fairy with glitter and sparkles, but the true-to-its-origins, mischievious, elven, seductive,woodland creature - fluttering around up to no good.
    The opening smells, to my nose, like fresh mushrooms and room-temperature sangria that's been out all night. I then smell earth and dirt, and rich, dark, dry cocoa powder. The musty, boozey, fruits linger as the mushrooms and dirt loosen up to reveal incense-like lotus that almost smells like it's sprinkled with tart,juicy, cassis. After awhile, this softens into a resinous vanilla/incense/sandalwood/musky dry down, which sounds quite commonplace in fragrance, but it's very well executed - rich, creamy, and seductive.
    Funny the other reviewers got notes of fig and "wet wool", there are moments reminiscent of those smells, as well, although I think that the "wet wool" is what I interpret as dirt and earth and the fig notes may very well be the association of cassis with fig, which are often paired together.
    Dirty? Yes. Raunchy? Perhaps. Wearable? You bethchya, but maybe not for everyone, and that's okay.
    As I always say, when I smell a fragrance, I want it to capture my imagination or even scent-memory in some way, and Black Orchid does just that - and I can say this with confidence and without bias because I am not necessarily a "Tom Ford fan".

    23rd March, 2009

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